Monday, November 8, 2010

Does growth hormones work ?

do growth hormone work ?How Long Does It Take HGH to feel the effects ?
Human Growth Hormone is a protein based peptide hormone that is produced by our pituitary gland. The main function of HGH is to work within the body to naturally stimulate the growth, regeneration and cell reproduction in humans and some animals. We all have a large amount supply of HGH in our bodies’ particularly in childhood and adolescence, but once we start to approach our thirties, our supply starts to decreased. We can increase our own HGH levels in a some of ways, either artificially or naturally.
Many of us often ask; does HGH work? It’s a fact that HGH is vastly used in medicine to cure growth disorders, particularly in children and adult growth hormone deficiency.
Growth hormone replacement therapies have become an exceptionally popular weight loss and anti-ageing treatment. It is also used by body builders to increase lean muscle mass & decrease recovery time after heavy workouts. On those with a lack of growth hormone in their bodies, results include increased bone density, increased muscle, improved skin tone, stronger immune system, improved sexual function, and a much increased energy level. HGH is considered a very intricate hormone, many of its functions are still unknown or understood.
It has a role as an anabolic agent and Human Growth Hormone has been used by athletes & competitors in sports particularly competitions for its stamina giving capabilities and endurance , since the early 1970’s and it was not until the early 2000’s that the ban was put into place. Traditional drug testing such as urine testing couldn’t distinguish between artificial HGH and natural HGH, so it was not until blood tests were conducted that the ban could be properly enforced.
There are more ways to promote the naturally occurring production of Human Growth Hormone in their body by consuming HGH releaser supplements; these usually consist of various vitamins and amino acids and herbs, additionally a HGH spray rather than a tablet. These are a far safer option than having artificially produced HGH injections or using anabolic products.
HGH supplements can be quite fast to get the effects. Some users begin to experience the advantages within the first week; however this depends on the individual & their body type. Some will feel results after 2 weeks but generally, the majority of users feel great changes after 4 weeks. Once you have been taking HGH for 3 months you will feel a significant change in the body, inwardly and outwardly, your health will be dramatically improved, you will feel more fit, be feel more flexible and more agile. After 6 months plus of treatment with Growth Hormone Supplement, there will be an exceptional change in your physical abilities and your entire body structure. You will be more strong, able to recover from exercise and have endurance and strength you once had in your youth.
So, does growth hormone work ? the answer is 'of course it is', but we must remember "Rome wasn't build in one day ".
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