Friday, November 5, 2010

Human Growth Hormone in BodyBuilding

Growth Hormone in BodybuildingHuman Growth Hormone/HGH for many years has been used by professional athletes and body builders to maximize their physical performance, general energy, physical fitness, and endurance. When HGH is taken as an anabolic body building drug, Human Growth Hormone will increase the amount of lean body mass, shorten the recovery time between physical activities and overall helps to enhance & improve the performance.

HGH is also valuable for body builders and athletes as it effectively strengthens ligaments & joints and also helps to heal damage to tissue. When a people’s pituitary gland releases HGH, the liver then releases IGF-1 which is at its peak during childhood and as the somebody starts to age, these HGH levels rapidly declines.

After puberty, the amount of muscle cells you have is what you will have for the duration of your life, the only way to develop bigger size of the cells is either through weight training or by using illegal anabolic steroids, hence why now many athletes are turning to HGH supplements for a helping hand with their body builder pursuits.

HGH is slightly harder to detect during tests than other performance enhancing drugs as it can be difficult to tell whether the supply of Human Growth Hormone is artificial or naturally occurring, plus any side effects due to taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements are fairly rare and if this was to happen the effects would be very low; which makes it an even more appealing option.

HGH increases your energy levels and metabolism which make you feel more active and therefore you will burn more fat. When taking Human Growth Hormone any weight that you do put on is purely lean muscle.

An ideal muscle size can be achieved by using Human Growth Hormone as you can grow new muscle cells. Unlike with anabolic steroids, the weight gain with Human Growth Hormone is gradual & safe weight gains, unlike with steroid use, where the user will gain water weight, with HGH the only weight you gain is lean muscle. HGH force the body to burn fat for energy which is why body builders can eat so much of food and still maintain the desired weight. During periods where body builders are ‘off-season’ the muscle they have developed will not be lost because Human Growth Hormone maintains muscle mass and growth.

Another beneficial factors in using HGH purely for body building is the increase in the amount of insulin a person can use efficiently & an increase in the amount of anabolic steroids somebody can use. There one common myth is that consuming HGH for body building will cause an extended stomach, this is only the case if and taking it at a too higher dose too frequently and not sticking to the correct dosage, normal & correct use of Human Growth Hormone will not have this effect. Human Growth Hormone also does not cause Acromegalia/abnormal bone growth this is where after or during childhood, the ends of their bones stop growing and fuse together.

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