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HGH for Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone for Weight LossMany scientific studies have reported that restoring levels of Human Growth Hormone in aging people can have extraordinary effects. One landmark study, in The New England Journal of Medicine, published in 1990, found that twelve men who took Human Growth Hormone had an increase in their lean muscle & bone density and also a decrease in fat, while nine men who did not take it, does not experienced of these changes.

How HGH causes Weight loss ?
One of the important beneficial effects of HGH is heightened levels of energy & body metabolism. Naturally produced Human Growth Hormone is responsible for these effects in children, therefore, by using HGH supplements as an adult, somebody can feel the same energy as he did in his youth. An increased in human metabolism means increased fat loss too.
HGH works by increasing the amount of IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor ( it’s a hormone with anabolic effects in adults and growth effects in children) that a somebody's liver excretes.
IGF-1 works by preventing insulin from transporting glucose to cells. Usually, after we eat, our pancreas releases the amount of insulin necessary to transform carbs into glucose. Then our body stores the glucose in fat cells and uses it for energy. Human Growth Hormone induced IGF-1 prevents insulin from storing this glucose in cells, therefore forcing our body to burn fat for energy.
Basically, human body uses all of their glucose for energy before seeking that energy from their fat reserves. HGH forces our body to find energy from the fat reserves first. This results in significant fat loss.
Because HGH forces our body to burn fat to become energy, it means that we will lose fat even in our inactive periods. Energy is required for all aspects of living. Human Growth Hormone can force our body to burn fat, even while we are sleeping. And the other benefits is, it allows us to eat large amounts of meal without gaining excess unwanted weight. Human Growth Hormone replaces the need to diet.

A wonderful HGH research on weight loss
A latest research published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers looked at the effects of giving fat people low amount of HGH in an attempt to help them selectively lose fat while retaining lean muscle tissue.
The research consisted of fiftynine obese women & men, whose average BMI was 37 (BMI is a measure of weight for height). The participants gave themselves nighttime injections containing 200 µg of HGH or a placebo for 1 month. For the next 5 months, the dosage of HGH was increased to 400 µg /day in men & 600 µg in women. Researchers say the increase was necessary because prior studies show resistance to the drug can develop over time, especially among women. Both groups were prescribed a diet & were instructed on lifestyle modification & exercise.
Among the thirty nine people who completed the six-month treatment & follow up, the research showed that those who used HGH lost an average of about five pounds & kept it off for up to 9 months. Researchers say the weight loss was entirely caused by a loss of body fat. The research also showed that HGH improved cholesterol profiles -- increasing the level of HDL cholesterol by 19%. There was no significant change in fasting glucose levels or insulin resistance, which indicates diabetes risk.
Therefore, clear from the above discussion that in addition to other key benefits such as “growth-boosting” & “anti-aging” effect impact, Human Growth Hormone can also cause one to lose weight & lose extra body fat.

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